Recipe on the Back Ep. 1: Original Nilla Banana Pudding

Hello friends! Today I’m not here to share a recipe, but rather, I’m here to talk about a new show I’ve created called Recipe on the Back! It’s a show where I make recipes found on random grocery store products. I give them a try and then rate them. I’ve worked so hard on this show for over half a year now, and so I’m excited to finally be able to share the first episode with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please like and subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that you don’t miss an episode! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show as well, and if you have any Recipes on the Back that you’d like to see in future episodes, please let me know! I find these recipes so fascinating and so therefore I want to try as many as possible. Let’s cheers to a new adventure together!

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  1. What an awesome idea! Looking forward to watching!

  2. Hey Jonathan!! Awesome idea. I will be watching!! You should try baking them as well to see the difference. That’s a long time (15 to 20 minutes on 350) to suggest, just to brown meringue. I believe it has other benefits as well.

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