Sprinkled Cake Doughnuts

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room for a second. I don’t know if you noticed at all, but my site just got a complete and total makeover! It’s all brand new and exciting, and it’s all for you. Yes you. This makeover has been a long time coming. The old site just felt a bit outdated to me, and it could’ve just been because it’s looked the same way for forever. Not to mention the fact that a lot of you guys really hated, and I mean HATED, the yellow. Not so much the color itself, but rather, you hated the fact that the yellow was really hard to read. I received many emails about the yellow being hard on the eyes and asking if I could change it to a more web friendly color. It wasn’t that I didn’t care enough to change it, I did care believe me I did, but the fact was that I didn’t have any great ideas for a new design and layout and also I don’t know the first thing about website design. I needed a plan before I could switch my whole site around. It’s a scary venture. As daunting as it was though, I kept planning and scheming for several months and searched the interwebs and watched countless youtube videos to learn how about web design and html codes. After many frustrated days and nights, and with the help of my incredibly talented friend who designed all of the artwork for the new site, it was finally ready. So here we are on the launch of my fresh out the oven site. 

I think I might’ve mentioned once or twice (okay maybe like a million times) how much I really love doughnuts. It seemed fitting to make them the theme of the site. I wanted you to visit and think, “Yeah, this is totally Jonathan.” Plus, who doesn’t like doughnuts?! To commemorate the new site, I thought it would be fitting to make doughnuts for the first post. It just felt like the right thing to do. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite doughnut. I believe in equal opportunity among each, except maybe jelly and custard filled doughnuts, I can’t get behind those sorry. But if I had to choose a favorite, like someone put a gun to my head and was like “Pick your favorite doughnut right now!” (Although why anyone would put a gun to my head just for that answer, is besides me) I would probably have to go with a classic cake doughnut with sprinkles. It brings me back to my child each and every time. 

The thing that I love about doughnuts is that they’re perfect for a quick breakfast when you’re running late or when you don’t feel like eating something extravagant first thing in the morning or if you just want a treat when you wake up. You should treat yourself. You deserve it. They’re also great as a midday snack because hello we need a pick-me-up during the end of the workday. It just needs to happen. And they’re even better as a dessert after dinner. So what have we learned about doughnuts? They’re basically the greatest invention ever made and who invented them should have a monument erected and a observed holiday immediately. In the meantime, let’s do our own celebrating by making some doughnuts. Lucky for us all, this post is here to save the day. 

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Tex-Mex Breakfast Fried Rice

There’s a special place in my heart for rice. Fluffy white rice that only my mom can make perfectly right. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t come out like hers. I’m convinced she’s magic. I don’t give up though, I continue to make it and now I think it’s actually not that bad. As a kid, I grew up eating rice with absolutely everything. For instance, I refused to eat mac and cheese without a side of rice. That was a big no for me. They had to go together. Talk about carb loading—I knew how to live right back then—but I didn’t care because I was a kid. A kid addicted to rice. Nowadays I don’t eat mac and cheese with rice, but whenever I do have noodles mixed in a cheese sauce, I do get a sudden craving for rice and the next day for dinner, I’ll make sure to cook some up. If I can fit it into every meal/recipe then I’d be happy as a clam. Who says you can’t have rice for breakfast? That’s probably the best meal to have it, if you ask me, although I’m certain there isn’t a bad time to eat it. So maybe I’m biased…just a little bit. 

I’m also a big fan of breakfast. I normally don’t eat a big breakfast during the week, just because I’m busy running around working, taking care of errands, or grocery shopping. Seriously, I spend more time at our local grocery store than I do at home. It comes with the job. I should have my own parking spot reserved by now. Anyhow, like I was saying, during the week I’ll just grab a quick bowl of cereal (cinnamon toast crunch all the way) or some toast with peanut butter. On the weekends though, I’ll make sure to cook extravagant (I exaggerate) breakfasts/brunches because there’s something about weekends and morning meals that excite me. Everyone should get excited. It’s a big deal. 

My two favorite cuisines are Indian and Mexican food. I could eat either everyday. So I think it’s appropriate that now I’m trying to convince you all to eat and make this Tex-Mex breakfast fried rice for yourself. If I promise that it’s the best breakfast you’ll have, would you make it? If I promise that it’s ridiculously easy to whip up and that you can have it on the table in no time, will you get in the kitchen right this very second and cook up a batch? Well, both of those statements are true and I think you should most definitely try it for yourself this week. After all, it’s rice mixed with sausage topped with a fried egg. It all makes sense. Treat yo-self. 

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Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Enchiladas

As much as I love getting into the kitchen on the weekends to make a tall stack of pancakes, waffles or eggs with potatoes—I love potatoes, you know this. I know this. Let’s leave it at that—sometimes the whole traditional breakfast thing is just a bit boring. A little outdated and not too exciting. Don’t get me wrong though because I still love me some eggs and potatoes and I can never say goodbye forever to pancakes or waffles. I’m not a monster. We do need to stir things up a bit, though, and get out of our comfort zone. We need to party. We need to be adventurous when it comes to our first meal of the day. I’m all for trying new things. I’m also all for having people try new things for me, watch their reactions and then decide if it’s worth my time. There’s nothing wrong with having them be my guinea pigs. How else am I supposed to decide if I like something or not, if I don’t trick people into trying it for me? I’m probably doing them a favor, if you really think about it. They should be thanking me for opening up their minds and expanding their palettes. I don’t want to say that they should name their next child after me BUT the world could always use a few more Jonathans. There’s just never enough of us hanging around. 

On days when I want to do things a bit differently, I start to think of new ways to wow people during brunches or breakfast gatherings with my family. One of the greatest things to happen to our lives (you and I) recently was this Breakfast Pie. It’s everything you want in a pie first thing in the morning. Don’t fight it, just embrace the craziness. That was last week though, I’ve moved on. This week it’s something entirely different. This week I’m bringing to you (drumroll please) breakfast enchiladas. Yes, you read that right. Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Enchiladas. Talk about madness, but at the same time, talk about genius. 

Sometimes all the things we want for breakfast like scrambled eggs, chorizo, shredded potatoes, black beans and cheese are just 100 times better than we could ever possibly dream of, when they’re all rolled inside of corn tortilla. Breakfast of champagnes? I think so, friends. I think so. The only question that needs to be asked right now is why aren’t you running into the kitchen to make this incredible dish right this very second?! Good thing we have all weekend to fix this dilemma. I see enchiladas in our future, but more importantly, I see us going in for seconds and thirds and I see us having the best weekend ever. Nobody can stop us now. 

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Breakfast Pie

Let’s get real with each other for a second. We all should be having pie for breakfast. The trouble with most pies though is that they’re sweet and sugary and filled with fruit and sometimes we just don’t want to eat that first thing in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I can have a sweet and sugary and fruity pie for breakfast. No problem. I mean, I’m not made of stone. I sometimes want something with a bit more of a savory kick to it, though. You know what I mean? It really all just depends on my mood. Sometimes we all just need potatoes, eggs and cheese first thing when we wake up. I know I do. To which I say, potatoes are always a definitive yes in my book. So here we are, figuratively standing in front of a Breakfast Pie. Let’s try to not lose our cool and just look at the facts. Fact: Pie should only be eaten for breakfast. Fact: Now we have a valid excuse to eat a double crusted pie as our first meal. Fact: I might be crazy, but this pie is anything but. 

Do you remember when I made Breakfast Ice Cream a thing? This is just like that, but so much better. Wait. I’ve definitely lost my mind. Ice cream for breakfast is just as good, so let’s say they’re even Steven. Both on the same level. That makes more sense to me. We now have the choice of eating a savory breakfast or a sweet AND savory breakfast. You can thank later. It’s a win win situation for everyone. We should be rejoicing. We should be celebrating. We should be screaming from the highest rooftops just how much we love Jonathan! I mean, how much we love breakfast pie!

So get in the kitchen this weekend and make this pie for yourself, for your friends or for your family. You won’t be disappointed. The only disappointment you’ll have is when the last piece is gone and you realized you didn’t eat nearly as much as you could’ve or wanted to. That’s an extremely sad and depressing scenario. I don’t even want to think about that. The only solution I see is that you have to make two breakfast pies. One for everything else, which of course you’ll still eat from, and then one pie all for yourself. This is the one you eat in secret after you’ve had the first pie. No one needs to know about this second pie. It’ll be our secret. 

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New York Bagels

I recently took a trip to New York City with my mom and sisters for my mamma’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. Ever since I can remember, she’s always wanted to visit the city, but has never gotten around to it. Between you and I, I think she has always wanted to go because one of her favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Anyhow, so my sisters and I wanted to surprise her with a destination trip for her big day. We didn’t tell her exactly where we were going but rather told here what to pack and how long we’d be gone. Once we got to the airport and printed our boarding passes, we told her she could read her pass and then we yelled out, “Surprise!!!” She practically cried and then people stared at us like we were crazy. It was awesome and grand and everything she never knew she wanted. And just in case you didn’t read all about it already or see all of my instagram posts during the trip, you can check it out here

My sisters had never been to New York either so I wanted to make sure we did as much as possible and visit all of the places they wanted to see. The great thing about visiting a city with people who haven’t before, is that you get to experience it for the first time all over again. We did most of the tourist things that I didn’t even do the times I’d gone before. So that was nice. Aside from all of the incredible sights we saw and museums we visited and walking we did, the best thing about New York is the food. There are literally a million places to eat. Everywhere you turn there’s something else. So of course that makes it a bit hard to settle on something. We did have some incredible food while on our trip though. Almost too much food. Almost. I say that with a grain of salt because there isn’t such a thing as too much food. Well…maybe on Thanksgiving, but even then I’m not sure. 

One of my favorite meals was in the East Village at a small restaurant called Caracas Arepa Bar. It’s a little spot with barely any space for sitting, let alone walking, but oh man was it good. I ate all of the arepas and a micheladas. The place had to close down for the day after that because I ate them all (not really, I wish). I did eat delicious Lobster Bolognese at City Crab and Seafood Company for my mom’s b-day dinner celebration, though,  along with a few (okay more than a few) Moscow mules. One late night I convinced my mom and sisters to eat hot dogs and tater tots with me from Crif Dogs. Any place with tater tots is an ace in my book. The best thing I ate during the entire trip was a bagel at Tompkins Square Bagels that I washed down with a fresh watermelon juice with a hint of lime. Winning combination. It was an everything bagel with the works. We loved them so much we went back the next morning and did it all over again (on my sister’s persistence). The second morning I had a breakfast sandwich with an everything bagel and it was even better than the first time. So here I am now, back home wishing I was still in New York and dreaming about those bagels. Except now I’ve made my own at home and came to the conclusion that I need a New York style bagel every morning for the rest of my life. 

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Spring Eggs Benedict

I make it a point to not cook eggs benedict all the time because let’s be real, it’s a lot of work. I mean poaching eggs and making hollandaise over a double boiler? That’s some intense skills right there that I don’t always have the strength or the energy to create such a fancy dish. I wish I could do it because I think a brunch meal with a big plate of eggs benedict is always the icing on the morning cake. It’s the dish I usually get when I go to a restaurant for breakfast or brunch, mainly because I like to order things I don’t make at home on a regular basis. I’ll usually eat that and wash it down with a few glasses of mimosas. I’ve never turned my nose down to bottomless mimosas. Whoever came up with that concept deserves a holiday named after them. Anyhow, I normally save this dish for a special occasion. I get away with only making it once a year for my family by saying something like, “We’ll all appreciate it more when we have it once in a blue moon. If I made it all the time, we’d take it for granted.” If you think about it, I’m doing everyone a favor really. All I’m doing is making sure that no one gets tired or bored of the dish. That’s very nice of me. 

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (definitely in this Fish and Chips post) that one of my sisters is extremely picky. Like doesn’t like mac and cheese because it’s too cheesy and hates peanut butter because it smells funky to her kind of picky. A weird alien pickiness that I’m glad I didn’t genetically inherit. Sorry Nick, but it’s true. Even with her crazy likes and dislikes, she happens to love eggs benedict and gave this one two thumbs way up. Now, this is really saying something. If it passed my sister’s taste test, the same sister who hates pie crust, then anyone and everyone will enjoy this dish. You can trust me on that. 

This is day three of our Easter Brunch Bonanza post and we’re just getting to the really good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, Roasted Asparagus and Prosciutto Croissants and Cucumber and Strawberry Salad are great ways to start a brunch, but the real fun is in the entrée and dessert. Don’t even get me started on the cocktail. Come back tomorrow and Friday for the remaining recipes, you don’t want to miss them! I’ll tell you what else you don’t want to miss, these Spring Eggs Benedict. They’re calling out your name. Can you hear them? I can. 

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